Plus: A call to revamp limits on assistance to Americans who can’t work.
Plus: Some lawmakers push for creation of an active shooter alert system.
Plus: Work to reconcile bills on China competition begins, and more Republicans may be tiring of supporting Ukraine’s war efforts
Plus: A Uyghur advocate, born in a Chinese prison, shares insights from his new book.
Plus: Schumer vows vote on abortion, the White House may act on surveillance company implicated in Uyghur genocide, and House staffers will get a pay…
Experts worry abuses of proxy voting will make it more difficult for the House to consider health and family accommodations.
Amid long-shot calls to nuke the filibuster and codify Roe, Democrats focus on this year’s midterms.
Plus: All eyes on immigration.
His absence adds to complaints about members abusing the House’s pandemic-era remote options.
Plus: Congress is set to return from recess with a new request for Ukraine aid.
Plus: Xinjiang refugees face China’s influence in other countries
A Hawaii congressman has voted by proxy more than 100 times this year, raising questions about the pandemic-era procedure.
Plus: A House committee ponders what happens if disaster strikes the government.
A growing chorus of lawmakers call Russian atrocities genocide as both chambers consider Russia legislation.
Plus: Madison Cawthorn’s orgies-and-cocaine remarks finally cross the line for Kevin McCarthy.
Dan Scavino and Peter Navarro refused to testify and produce documents for the committee’s investigation.
Questions over a new bill targeting Russia are more about separation of powers than partisan squabbling.
The former congressman gets candid about the state of the Republican Party and the challenges the U.S. faces.
Plus: Congress acts to stop 'brain drain' among staffers.
Plus: Learning from U.S. failures before COVID-19, two senators introduce a sweeping bill aiming to improve pandemic preparedness.