Plus: A call to revamp limits on assistance to Americans who can’t work.
Plus: Some lawmakers push for creation of an active shooter alert system.
Plus: Work to reconcile bills on China competition begins, and more Republicans may be tiring of supporting Ukraine’s war efforts
Plus: A Uyghur advocate, born in a Chinese prison, shares insights from his new book.
Plus: Schumer vows vote on abortion, the White House may act on surveillance company implicated in Uyghur genocide, and House staffers will get a pay…
Experts worry abuses of proxy voting will make it more difficult for the House to consider health and family accommodations.
Amid long-shot calls to nuke the filibuster and codify Roe, Democrats focus on this year’s midterms.
Plus: All eyes on immigration.
His absence adds to complaints about members abusing the House’s pandemic-era remote options.
Plus: Congress is set to return from recess with a new request for Ukraine aid.
Plus: Xinjiang refugees face China’s influence in other countries
A Hawaii congressman has voted by proxy more than 100 times this year, raising questions about the pandemic-era procedure.