Sitemap - 2021 - Uphill

Rep. Dan Kildee Reflects on Congress in the Year Since January 6

A Conversation With Utah Rep. Blake Moore

Taking Stock of Congressional Rules on Investing

Congress Is Poised to Pass Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

‘Right Now, You Yell and Scream and You Get Rewarded’

Raise the Roof—Or Raze It?

Kevin McCarthy’s Dilemma

Build Back Better: Taxes, Technology, and Cybersecurity

Build Back Better Passes House

The House Takes Up the Build Back Better Act

We’re Still Reading the Build Back Better Act for You

Breaking Down the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

Breaking Down the Build Back Better Act

Lawmakers Urge Boost in Uyghur Refugee Admissions

A Conversation With Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar

Negotiations Continue on Democrats’ Spending Package

U.S. Admitted Zero Uyghur Refugees in Fiscal 2021

January 6 Panel Prepares to Hold Steve Bannon in Contempt of Congress

Democrats Haggle Over How to Trim Reconciliation Bill

Republican Feud With Chamber of Commerce Intensifies

Whistling Past the Debt Ceiling

Will Congress Change How the Military Handles Sexual Assault?

Decision Week for Infrastructure Arrives

Crunch Time for Congress as Deadlines Loom

Congress Plays Chicken as Federal Debt Crowds the Limit

Democrats Propose Tax Increases for $3.5 Trillion Spending Package

January 6 Committee Democrats Seek Records from GOP Lawmakers

Moderates Throw House Democrats a Lifeline on Infrastructure Votes

Congress to Biden: Get the Afghan Refugees Out

Infrastructure Passes Senate with Republicans Split

Crashing Through the Debt Ceiling

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Tightrope

Catching Up With Rep. Abigail Spanberger

Will 'Human Infrastructure' Overheat the Economy?

Climate Groups to Democrats: 'Don't Antagonize China'

Just Who Is Welcome in the GOP?

Kicking the Tires on a Global Minimum Tax

Democrats Prepare to Go It Alone

Bipartisan Group to Pitch Infrastructure Compromise

Congress Examines Compensation for College Athletes

Lawmakers Urge Evacuation of Afghan Allies

Amendments? In the Senate?

Republicans Make Latest Infrastructure Offer

Lawmakers Optimistic in Police Reform Talks

GOP Senators Dig In Against January 6 Commission

House Prepares Action on January 6 Bills

Republicans Deny Election Results And Whitewash January 6

Lawmakers Continue Police Reform, Infrastructure Talks

Liz Cheney’s Likely Successor

Leaders Urge Pay Bump for Hill Staff

Biden to Address Congress

Lawmakers Seek Police Reform Deal

Progressives Wary of GOP Infrastructure Talks

Welcome Back to Infrastructure Week

The Boys Are Back in Town

Freshman Vibe Check

January 6 Investigations Stall

Momentum on War Powers

Who Runs the House GOP?

Down With the Fence

A Bipartisan Effort to Aid the Uyghurs

Uphill: Breaking Down the Stimulus Behemoth

Uphill: Stimulus in the Senate

Uphill: Senate Democrats Race to Pass Aid Package

Uphill: Congress Kicks Off January 6 Investigations

Uphill: House to Vote on COVID Relief This Week

Impeachment Is Over. What Comes Next?

On with the Trial

Uphill: AOC's January 6 Account

Uphill: Republicans Pitch Pared-Back Aid Plan

Democrats Plan to Move Quickly on COVID Bill

The Senate Prepares for Trump's Trial

Backlash Against Liz Cheney

Uphill: Welcome to Inauguration Week

How Impeachment Could Hinder Biden’s Agenda

Get Ready for Another Impeachment

The Consequences of Lying to People

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